Hey, Love!

I was born Ashley Nicole Johnson, but you'll get to know me as Ashlee Nicole.



 When I was a kid, you wouldn't dare catch me without a notebook and pen. I wrote everything down, even things that might have seemed insignificant at the time - license plate numbers, weird phrases I heard my Nanny say (she had an imagination and a foul mouth l0l), to-do lists, motivational quotes, etc. I kept my notes fairly organized just in case I ever needed to recall anything or relay information. Intermingled with my notes were always drawings and sketches, color swatches and my attempts at creating my own typefaces.

As I got older, I noticed I had a knack and slight obsession, if you will, for organizing information and a need to relay it in a visually appealing way. I became intrigued by the way magazines looked and vowed to create and own my own someday. I wanted to know the behind the scenes workings of things like websites, publications and advertisements. Those interests lead me to obtaining a BA in Media Communications with a certificate in Interactive Digital Media from Webster University and simultaneously launching my freelance career as a photographer and graphic designer. Self-taught in the disciplines of photography and graphic design, I am still trying to find my style as well as take and teach others on my journey.

My intentions are to explore and capture truth, not alter it. I try to see things differently, poetically if you will. I just hope that the metaphors, the poetry, translate and make sense visually. I take joy in exploring and displaying social issues through my work. Photography and prose are both powerful alone but sometimes I dare to pair them. 

Oh yeah! -- You're probably wondering about the slight spelling difference and thinking "Why?" or "Did she really just spell her own name wrong?" Don't think too deep into it. I really just liked the way "Ashlee" looked more. So I changed it for artistic purposes. *cue the giggles*



I thrive at creating clarity and beauty out of chaos.

Boldly, visually shape your brand.

Ashlee Nicole Artistry, LLC exists to provide businesses and brands with dynamic and vibrant visuals, whether it be with a web design, logo design, or a photoshoot. I help businesses and brands build brand equity and experience by providing outstanding photography and design services and materials, in addition to branding strategy and utilities that are identifiable and subjective to each business or brand.

I believe in visual communication

Ashlee Nicole Artistry values the concept of strong presentation, which includes visual branding, integrative marketing, and effective communication techniques that will facilitate your image along with your industrial expertise.

I believe in going above and beyond for every project I undertake. My intentions are to explore and capture truth, not alter it; finding the unique, poetic story every client possesses.


To be a quality-driven, go-to, creative agency in the industries of both photography and design for businesses and brands. To provide my clients and customers the best quality of service with market-oriented approaches to achieve their business goals.


NOTABLE Clients + Collaborations

My WOrk has been featured

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