HI, I’M Ashley. BUT, YOU CAN CALL ME ashlee.

I’m in the business of visual communication.


When I was a kid, you wouldn't dare catch me without a notebook and pen. I wrote everything down, even things that might have seemed insignificant at the time - license plate numbers, weird phrases I heard my Nanny say (she had an imagination and a foul mouth l0l), to-do lists, motivational quotes, etc. I kept my notes fairly organized just in case I ever needed to recall anything or relay information. Intermingled with my notes were always drawings and sketches, color swatches and my attempts at creating my own typefaces.

As I got older, I noticed I had a knack and slight obsession, if you will, for organizing information and a need to relay it in a visually appealing way.


I became intrigued by the way magazines looked and vowed to create and own my own someday. I wanted to know the behind the scenes workings of things like websites, publications and advertisements. Those interests lead me to obtaining a BA in Media Communications with a certificate in Interactive Digital Media from Webster University and simultaneously launching my freelance career as a photographer and graphic designer. Self-taught in the disciplines of photography and graphic design, I am still trying to find my style as well as take and teach others on my journey.

My intentions are to explore and capture truth, not alter it. I try to see things differently, poetically if you will. I just hope that the metaphors, the poetry, translate and make sense visually. I take joy in exploring and displaying social issues through my work. Photography and prose are both powerful alone but sometimes I dare to pair them.

Oh yeah! -- You're probably wondering about the slight spelling difference and thinking "Why?" or "Did she really just spell her own name wrong?" Don't think too deep into it. I really just liked the way "Ashlee" looked more. So I changed it for artistic purposes. *cue the giggles*

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