The Vision


I’m working to create a community of resource and idea-sharing, honesty and constructive criticism, and confidence that replaces brand shame. I want to provide tools and resources for those willing and wanting to learn - whether that's to create it for you or point you into the direction of where to find it and to create it yourself. As a self-taught designer and photographer, I know how difficult it is to gain access to resources like studios and equipment or software and classes.

Currently, the groundwork for Artistry Studios is being laid by creating the community I envision in a digital space. In December of 2018, I launched a Facebook group called Artistry Academy. I began Artistry Academy with the entrepreneur in mind. We all know how integral brand identity is to building a business but we all don’t know exactly when and how to implement the many components of branding. As a DIYer and entrepreneur myself, I understand the need to get things done but not necessarily having the budget or resources to do so. Though the long-term idea of Artistry Studios is to be that brick and mortar resource for the St. Louis community, this is where it starts.

What we need

I am looking to raise $20,000.

We have two initial goals for the use of these funds - startup costs.

  • Secure Studio Building Lease in the St. Louis Area

    • Pay 3 months rent

  • Furnishings + Equipment

    • Coworking Desks + Chairs

    • 2 iMacs

    • 4 Adobe Creative Cloud Licenses

    • Photography Backdrop Roller System

    • Strobe Lighting Equipment

    • 2 Canon Camera Kits

More details being added.

If you’d like to donate something directly, please reach out to us or call 314-675-0592.

 As A Thank You


All Donations

A personalized, handwritten ‘thank you’ note. We appreciate every single penny of your hard-earned money and we’ll never stop telling you!

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$50 Donation

Consider yourself a part of the Artistry Team! Receive your own official Artistry Dad Hat and a handwritten ‘thank you’ note for your investment!


more ‘Thank You’ gifts being added.